A quick primer on the park property line

Good afternoon neighbors,

I hope you are getting out and about Clements Circle to enjoy this nice mild weather!

This week I want to share some insight to our park property line and parking.

Below is a photo of our amazing park to which there is often a question about all that land to the south of the parking lot. In this photo the left side of the photo is the south side of the parking lot – with all that awesome green space. If you have been around Clements Circle for over 15 years then you probably recall that space is the former location of the Wilson School.
If you draw a straight line along about 10 feet to left of the parking lot straight from Harrison back to the houses on Hartel Court you will have the our park property line.

Basically this means where I am showing this arrow below is the park property line. Notice the size of the parking lot? This will not move until old school property has been sold.

If you are like me, you LOVE to drive to the pool in the Summer.  However, the parking lot does not hold many cars.  The solution? We all need to think about walking and riding bikes to the pool.  Maybe if many of are riding bikes we can plan to get additional bike racks up there. We have a few months before the pool opens for the season, please do start giving this thought so as to plan in advance.

Thanks, have a great week!

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Updates as of February 2018

To our neighbors,
We live in a vibrant community nestled in a wonderfully historic corner of Livonia and as such, there is much we can take advantage of by working together. We have the Wilson Barn with farmers market, a fall festival and our very own time with Santa. We have our awesome new pool/spashpad that is very easy to walk to from anywhere in the neighborhood. We have our 10+ acre park this is simply ready for us to implement new exciting features such as a butterfly garden and disk golf course.  With all of this, the Clements Circle Civic Association will be simply amazing if we take some time to work together on programs to meet our various interest and needs.
To start this effort, please do see the Clements Circle Parks Projects listed on this site.  Also, please give some thought of what we collectively can do for our youth; building in, on and from the baseline we have established in Our Chartered Scout Organizations described on this site.
We will have additional details posted here and on our calendar for upcoming events, including but not limited to our:

  • March membership meeting where you can run for or vote for a position in the CCCA
  • Baseball teams signup
  • Garage Sale
  • Spring Cleanup

In the meantime, please do Contact Us if you can contribute to the wellness of our neighborhood.  Ideas are welcome, effort is needed!

Thank you,

Steve Alexander
President, CCCA

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New Online Community

The CCCA has always worked to provide a great community to live in and help keep residents informed about what is going on in and around the area so it only makes sense that we tie together both our physical community and our online community so that both can benefit from the other. That is why we are proud to announce that we have started using Nextdoor.com to provide us with an interactive community for everyone within the Clements Circle Civic Association area. Simply by creating an account at http://clementscircle.nextdoor.com you will have the ability to share information like never before! Classifieds, Crime and Safety mapping and specialty groups right in your own online community! You will also be able to see anything that is shared from other surrounding communities such as events and crime and safety alerts. This is a great tool that we hope to leverage to the benefit of everyone in our area.

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2014 CCCA Garage Sale


The CCCA Annual Garage Sale is quickly approaching – the date of the Garage Sale is Saturday June 7th. Please contact Heather Penzenstadler at heather@clementscircle.org if you have any questions about the upcoming garage sale. If you are participating, please get your application and fee to Heather by Saturday May 30th so she can get the permit in a timely manner. Thank you.

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CCCA 2013 Spring Newsletter


Spring 2013 CCCA Newsletter

Check out the latest newsletter from the CCCA!

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