Clements Circle Park Projects

Here are Clements Circle Park projects that we need to get ahead of before it is spring.  Thank you to those of you who chimed in on our Facebook!  Additionally please feel free to email me at if you can help:

1) Finishing the design and then completing an iterative project plan for our Butterfly garden. We got a great start on this last summer, we need to be prepared for actually making an initial garden this summer. We have a good crew working through the planning of this to iterate towards a registered Monarch garden, but more help is welcome.

2) Creating a design then also a project plan to work through with Parks and Rec for a “Frisbee Disc Golf course.” When completed, this would be the only Livonia Park with a disc golf course. This is something I need help getting started on now! Help needed here!

3) Planning to have trees “sponsored” in the park. Remember how we lost so many trees around metro Detroit with ash borer? Notice how the park has lots of standing water? We need people to plan to plant trees and also care for them (water/feed) to maturity. This initiative will help with the water, provide more natural interest to the park landscape, and add dimension to the disc golf course. This has not been started, I really need help here!