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The CCCA is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in the city of Livonia, Michigan. CCCA is a neighborhood civic association representing over 1100 homes to involve citizens in local neighborhood planning and decision making as it affects the development of their neighborhood. To provide an effective mechanism whereby the citizens of Livonia can share common neighborhood identity, goals, and concerns. The CCCA neighborhood is located in Livonia, Michigan between Plymouth Rd to the North, West Chicago Rd to the south, Middlebelt Rd to the West and Inkster Rd to the East. CCCA is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization.


Web Traffic:  ClementsCircle.org averages about 100 daily visits, generating in excess of 1000 page views a day, or a total of roughly 3000 visits a month.  In addition, emails are distributed to over 200 addresses across Livonia.

Newsletter Traffic:  CCCA Newsletter is distributed to roughly 1100 addresses throughout the neighborhood, with an average of 1700 people reading the quarterly newsletter.  The issue is published 4 times a year to target the entire Clements Circle community of Livonia.  Each issue printed contains articles and events pertinent to CCCA’s mission.

CCCA Mission:  CCCA will continue providing a voice for the citizens within Livonia on livability and quality of life issues affecting the Clements Circle neighborhood. In addition, the civic association will provide local community support on activities to enrich the lives of the neighborhood. The Clements Circle Civic Association has been a vital volunteer organization within Livonia since the mid-1950’s.
The purpose of this corporation is to foster, promote, plan and execute programs aimed at improving the economic, social, educational, general welfare and other humanitarian activities of the Livonia community of the State of Michigan, and to foster, promote, plan, and execute other purposes as conducting research or support on such activities in social and cultural fields; to promote the Clements Circle area and Livonia citizens through publication; to conduct educational projects and seminars; publish newsletters and articles toward the same objectives.


Newsletter Quarterly Rates:
Full Page [ 8 x10 inches ] – $130 [ CCCA Member]     $150 [ Non-Members]
Half Page [ 8 x 5 inches ] – $80 [ CCCA Member]     $100 [ Non-Members]
Quarter page [ 4 x 2.5 inches ] – $40 [ CCCA Member]     $50 [ Non-Members]

Online Website Yearly Rates:
Icon/Logo Dimensions:  Full Color JPG/GIF images
$150 [ CCCA Member]     $200 [ Non-Members]

Discounted Yearly Sponsorship Package:
Discounts applied to yearly sponsorship package to both Newsletter and Online.  Yearly packages include sponsorship in 4 quarterly newsletter issues and 1 year online, starting date upon full payment.

Full Page Newsletter and Online Package

$570 [ CCCA Member]     $680 [ Non-Members]

Half Page Newsletter and Online Package

$400 [ CCCA Member]     $510 [ Non-Members]

Quarter Page Newsletter and Online Package

$260 [ CCCA Member]     $340 [ Non-Members]

Savings of 15% a year per package over individual sponsorship.

Note:  Only Businesses with Owners and Presidents residing within the boundaries of ClementsCircle are eligible for Member rates

CCCA, P.O. Box 511366, Livonia, MI   48151 / 734 237-3606 / Info@ClementsCircle.org

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